We understand that running events can be costly. To support your running goals, RunFreeSLO can provide financial assistance with race entry fees:

  • Runners should request assistance at least 2 months prior to the event. Planning is key to success. Runners need adequate time to train and build miles, so they are prepared to go the distance on race day.
  • ​Contact Sheila or Michele (at runfreeslo@gmail.org) and arrange a time to meet to discuss your “race plan.” This may be as loose as “I’m going to run 3-5 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, and 6-8 on Saturday, for 12 weeks” or you might benefit from the more formal race plans (below). 
  • Pay HALF the race fees prior to the race. Making a commitment to train and show up on race day is more likely when we invest.
  • Show up on the day of the event and give it your best.
  • Let us know how your run went; we’d love to congratulate you on your commitment and courage. If you complete the race/running event, we will reimburse you FULLY for the entry fee. 

Join RunFreeSLO at the following events:

SLO Full and Half Marathon
City to the Sea

Half Marathon 12-Week Training Programs:

Half Marathon Training Guide - Novice Program

Half Marathon Training Guide - Intermediate Program

Half Marathon Training Guide - Advanced Program

Marathon 18-Week Training Programs:

Marathon Training Guide - Novice

Marathon Training Guide - Intermediate

Marathon Training Guide - Advanced